Fitness For Every Situation

  • 1 . Personal Fitness Programs

    Our bodies are good at adapting to different situations. Some adaptations lead to pain, discomfort, and even injury, while others can lead to coordination, strength, and enduran...

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  • 2 . Corporate Fitness Programs

    Companies routinely focus on employee wellness as a business strategy to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Employee buy-in makes it more likely you’ll achieve your strategic ...

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  • 3 . Methodology

    The Integrative Fitness Method (IFM) empowers your body to change for the better as you go through your normal activities each day. IFM is a way to access your physical capacity...

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Integrative Fitness

for Every Situation

Restore Well-Being – Develop a Foundation

While we’re busy trying to get the most out of life, the path we invariably take puts wear and tear on the body. Before you know it, the things you once enjoyed become harder to do. Imagine a different path, where everything that matters to you is aligned and in balance.

Be Your Personal Best

Our bodies adapt to support everything we do. How we move drives our internal healing and growth systems. Movement is the information our body uses to decide where and how it will direct its resources.

Here’s the secret to realizing better health and fitness: Change the habits that are inconsistent with what you want for yourself to behaviors that align with the life you expect.

Humans as Perpetual Exercising Machines

We’re exercising every waking minute of our lives. Consequently, how we move, eat, think – and even sleep – have a much larger impact on our health than what we do in the gym, or run, or play.

Integrative Fitness can help you uncover the hidden gym inside your body, one that never stops working.

Recreation for Every Body

Whether your preferred activities are out in nature or in sports, we love encouraging recreation because it is fun and provides the most balanced opportunities for physical growth and personal development.

We Work with People Who Are:

  • Living with chronic pain.
  • Newly injured.
  • Rebuilding their bodies concurrent with physical therapy, chiropractic, or medical treatment.
  • Still getting injured after therapy or treatment.
  • Giving up their favorite sport or recreation activity because of age.
  • Working out and getting hurt.
  • Working out and not getting results.
  • Concerned about losing their physical independence.
  • On athletic teams (adult or youth).




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