Integrative Fitness was born out of work that I did on myself.  Here’s my story.

jeremiah deesAs a kid, I felt strangely out of place and awkward. I badly wanted to fit in, especially through sports, but it didn’t happen. People who know me today wouldn’t guess that I’d be the dead-last choice for, say, a game of pick-up basketball.

Something unusual was happening. With each growth spurt I’d lose coordination — I’d drop things and trip over my own feet.

While playing basketball I’d take the ball in the face rather than in my hands, hoping the boys would include me in their ball games. But they didn’t because I kept dropping the ball, and, because I lacked confidence.

Most disconcerting: at mealtimes, instead of lifting a spoon full of soup to my mouth, I managed to land it under my jaw. I laugh now, but at the time I was embarrassed at the effort it took to accomplish such a mundane task as eating.

Dropping balls and difficulty getting food to my mouth — I thought there must be something really wrong with me.

It turned out nothing was wrong. I recovered from dropping balls, tripping over myself, and misplaced spoons when I finally stopped growing at 6’5”. Along the way, I regained coordination and built new confidence and self-esteem. I didn’t realize it at the time, but my early and difficult experiences served as life lessons for navigating the unforgiving realities of being a physical and feeling human being. I emerged from those formative years with a deep appreciation for how capable we all are to change our individual outcomes.

Some rich experiences and personal achievements followed. I earned a degree in Human Biodynamics and Integrative Biology at the University of California at Berkeley. I learned to row at Cal and was a member of two undefeated national championship crew teams who set numerous course records. I learned to perform rescues and saved the lives of a number of people while serving as a paramedic, firefighter, search and rescue team member, and ski patroller. And I’ve built a handful of standout professional and volunteer teams in a number of organizations and in a variety of settings.

IRA Win 2000, jeremiah dees

Winning Collegiate National Rowing Championship

During this journey I discovered my ability to connect with others who are working to solve their own physical challenges and personal dilemmas, and become a guide. I know how critical it is to meet a person exactly where they are — their level of ability, confidence, and comfort — warmly and without judgment. By learning to be patient with myself, I understood how to be patient with others.

Learning new core abilities., jeremiah deesjeremiah deesDiscovering new strategies for better physical independence., jeremiah dees

I developed a deep understanding about how our bodies respond to habitual motions, and became passionate about how that response could be changed for the better. I learned how to positively affect the body’s unconscious perception of movement and spatial location. Because my own early spatial challenges lets me empathize with the unique issues each client presents, I’m able to create one-of-a-kind solutions that transform each client’s situation.

The Integrative Fitness Method I developed recognizes not only what’s wrong, but that we must simultaneously aim toward the outcomes we want, because outcomes don’t happen on their own. What matters most to me is that I make a difference to every person I engage with, and transfer to them the ability to shape their own personal outcomes.

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