Rowing Programs

Rowing Lessons

There are numerous reasons people discover a deep love for the rowing experience. Finding your balance and rhythm while gliding over the water can feel meditative whether your cruising at 16 strokes per minute or racing at 36. Yet even the best feel like they’ve never quite figured it out completely.

Move your rowing ahead by learning from an expert coach. Whether you row on your own or with a team, our coaches will help you create an efficient, timely and more powerful stroke.

We offer lessons to all levels of development, including first timers. Our coaches will row with or alongside you in either a single, double or quad; depending on skill level, goals and number of participants.

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Team Rowing

If you are preparing for the next competitive season and want to place higher or improve your times significantly, then consider partnering with one of our coaches for a season.

We will work with you to formulate and execute an optimal development and training plan that takes into consideration the specific needs of your team. We work with individual rowers, coaches and whole teams.

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