Our Integrative Approach

Fitness is about living a balance of mindset, movement, diet and sleep. How you participate in each of these areas and how you integrate them into your lifestyle shapes the quality of your health and fitness. We are here to help create a better reality for you.

5 Key Ways

1. Our team “reads” you to understand the whole person, not just the physical parts of you that need help.

Some situations require intuitive and novel solutions.  We’ll ask you tons of questions, listen closely and consider recommendations.  For every situation we find a way to make your body work better.  We never throw our hands up and retreat if you don’t respond right away or as we expected.  Instead we use that feedback as a guide in how to adjust our techniques for working with you.

2. We work with your special situation — Our team adapts to where you’re at, not the other way around.

We create a learning environment that makes it most likely you will achieve your fitness and wellness goals.  The program we create needs to fit your existing lifestyle without turning your life upside down, because if we don’t do that there is a high potential for failure.  Your efforts towards your goals will become enjoyable and even fun.  The places we select to work on your program must feel safe and socially comfortable and be conducive to your exploring different ways to use your body.

3. Our systematized approach helps you progress more easily and efficiently.

We want you to practice in the most effective ways, so we built our activity programs and coaching team to make the best use of your resources, namely time, energy and commitment. We’ve developed a systematized approach that’s progressive, with each phase incrementally building on the previous one. Our approach is also adaptable in that it allows you to work on two or more phases at the same time.

4. We show you how to take care of your body and self in a whole new way that’s transformative!

Regardless of how you move or use your body it will respond to everything you do.  Some responses are desirable, others not so much.  We will show you how to be in control of your body and bring about positive changes that can last a lifetime, even when coping with ailments and physical limitations.  When you developed the ailment or physical limitation it was as if you had signed yourself up to become an expert in restoring your body to its best possible functioning.

5. This is a team effort. We support you every step of the way as you progress.

When you’re in pain or feel you’ve hit a physical wall, it can be hard to see your own potential to improve.  As your coach we see the possibilities, the paths for getting there and the ways around challenges.  As your coach we’re the catalyst to help you and your body uncover and develop new capabilities.  As you progress we’re right there by your side adding to the foundation we’ve built together.