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  • Clayton Francis

    Clayton Francis

    Staff Category : Coach


    Clayton focuses on helping people improve the lives they have while gaining the life they want. He helps people reach their goals regardless how small. A little bit of passion combined with the right answers can make anybody go the distance.

    His family was always active in sports; along with his siblings, he was encouraged to try new things in order to find what he enjoyed. His dad in particular influenced his participation as he was the youth track & field coach during grade school. He also played basketball, baseball, kickball, and volleyball. Then by the sixth grade he picked up tennis as an extracurricular.

    Clayton’s journey into fitness emerged through high school when he developed a passion for understanding movement. He became fixated with coaching, particularly track & field. He discovered a knack for helping his teammates find progress whenever his coaches were preoccupied or having difficulty explaining techniques. Over those years he witnessed the rise and fall of athletes who were coached solely for performance. It seemed to him that it was just as important, if not more so, to develop a resilient (injury-resistant) body concurrent with gains in performance. By graduation he had learned much about doing just that.

    He went on to study exercise physiology and compete in track & field at California State University, Chico. After graduating he coached CSU’s track & field jumps squad while concurrently learning massage therapy and bodywork.

    Today he combines massage therapy with exercise know-how to proactively train and heal people, including athletes in the most effective and non-invasive way possible. He has found that most injuries can be avoided with proactive attention. The understanding of proper movement is unequivocally the best way to avoid injury and the best way to recover. It is not the end of the world when injury occurs; most often it is merely a call to step back and change what was holding one back all along.

    He often finds himself outdoors in his free time enjoying mountain biking, Frisbee golf and walking his dog. He still competes in track & field, maintaining a thoughtful personal training regimen. And at home he dabbles in video games, role-playing games and monitoring his small collection of carnivorous plants.