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  • Jeremiah Dees

    Jeremiah Dees

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    Jeremiah Dees
    Founder and Principal Fitness Coach

    Jeremiah Dees is unusual. He started Integrative Fitness when he was 13 years old (although he didn’t know it at the time).

    He developed the Integrative Fitness Method to fix what’s wrong with the way we use our bodies and simultaneously aim towards the outcomes we want. It’s critical to him that he make a difference in the life of every person he engages with, and that he successfully give his clients the ability to shape their personal outcomes.

    Jeremiah can relate to the personal challenges one faces when trying to make a change in their body. He started out physically clumsy, yet when it came to sports he always wanted to participate. He was physically active throughout his childhood – riding bicycles, swimming, skateboarding and camping – yet his clumsiness and lack of coordination showed every time he gave sports a try.

    His physiology education started early in high school when he began reading books on human development and athletic training methods, because the “normal” methods he was exposed to weren’t working for him.

    Experimenting with his own training and studying elite athletes led to insight, technical skills and methodologies that were not common. He approached his learning and exercise differently. The payoff: Jeremiah created an experience of continuous development, progressing more rapidly than his peers. This led to numerous personal and team sport achievements he’d assumed were out of reach. Immediately after college Jeremiah discovered that he had a knack for helping others learn the same kinds of lessons in ways that are relevant to their personal situations.

    The global lesson about physical development Jeremiah has learned can be summed up briefly. How your body is used will have a much greater effect on its structure, physical resilience and performance than by trying to turn your body into a “bigger hammer”. Jeremiah views strength and conditioning as an important characteristic of a good exercise program. Its driven by the following critical elements: control, accuracy, balance, sequencing, perception, coordination, quickness, speed and power. This is where he spends most of his coaching effort with clients. He believes that pursuing mastery is a lot more fun and purposeful than grinding away just for the sake of putting in time.


    BA Human Biodynamics, Integrative Biology – UC Berkeley
    Early in his career he had the opportunity to work alongside physical therapists and somatic trainers, such as Feldenkrais®. Today he integrates body movement techniques from different movement systems into his holistic work.

    Jeremiah rowed 2 undefeated national championship seasons in college claiming 4 course records along the way. He competed twice in the Ladies Plate at the prestigious Henley Royal Regatta in the UK.


    Assistant Fitness Director and Personal Trainer
    At the Claremont Resort he was responsible for overseeing fitness operations. He improved operational systems and developed ways for coaches and staff to work better together. He supported an environment where guests, members and coaches came together and built friendships.
    Working with clients he refined a unique way of coaching people that integrated optimal use of the body with a positive mindset for growth.

    Physical Education Teacher
    At School of the Madeline he wrote a physical and health education curriculum for 5th-8th graders and rewrote the rules so that the kids were both motivated to play, became mentors to their peers, and developed foundational movement and social skills at the same time.

    Crew Coach
    At Berkeley High Crew and Oakland Strokes he transformed high school aged underachievers into intentionally minded people who continually challenged themselves. Over and over these kids performed at their best and notably above the expectations of others.
    At Oakland Tech High School, he guided the rowing team through its second and third year of development, as it doubled in size. He built foundations that would support future growth and established ways for this public school rowing program to thrive.

    Search and Rescue Member and Sergeant
    On the Contra Costa Search and Rescue team, he restarted and reorganized the Urban Search and Rescue Resource, growing the specialized team to more than 50 active members who provide life safety services in response to urban disasters.
    He helped build a mountain rescue team that finds and rescues missing persons deep in the wilderness. He is one of only about 300 search and rescue members qualified to perform rescue anywhere in the state of California.

    Paramedic and Firefighter
    In Lakeport and Alameda he salvaged life, livelihood and the property of others while responding to calls for emergency assistance and providing ambulance transport.

    Ski Patroller
    At Northstar at Tahoe he rescued injured skiers and snowboarders and mitigated life-threatening injuries, while providing medical care.


    Trivia about Jeremiah:

    J.Dees - snow climbingJeremiah has been afraid of heights since he was young. Three times, he hiked all the way to the base of Half Dome in Yosemite before he made it up the cables to the top. Since then he has learned to manage the feeling and he has developed his physical competence so that he can participate in many of the things he loves including mountaineering, rope rescue, backcountry skiing and formerly firefighting. Goodbye vertigo!

    J.Dees - Most Improved RowerHe has received the most improved recognition on every team he participated on, from little league to collegiate athletics. In high school he was cut from the basketball team during tryouts his first year. The following year he made the cut and then climbed the team ladder to become a starter on the varsity his last year. In college the pattern continued. He was recruited to row, a novice to rowing, on a team populated with multinational Olympians. By his third year he was competitive with all of his teammates and during his fourth year he was among the fastest few oarsmen on the team.