Program Descriptions

Integrative Yoga

For many people yoga makes them feel calm, vibrant and resilient. And yet it is common for yoga practitioners to get stuck in their practice because of physical limitations.

Integrative Yoga is a methodology that applies efficient bio-mechanical use of the body in the practice of yoga.  When you align your movements in yoga with the mechanically ideal design of the body, physical limitations dissolve as your body volunteers greater depth and range of movement.

Who Should Attend?

Integrative Yoga is for all levels of practitioner. Our workshops and classes have been helpful for people seeking to improve the quality of their practice and for those facing obstacles, including:

  • Trouble getting into or holding yoga postures.
  • Experiencing muscle weakness or injury.
  • Stagnant progress or reached a plateau.
  • Newcomers to yoga, even if feeling hesitant because of physical constraints.
  • Wanting a safe practice that decreases risk of injury.
  • Wanting to learn adjustments for specific personal needs.

Integrative Yoga Workshops

Our workshops introduce yoga postures in progressive fashion where every part builds on previous practice. We carefully sequence yoga asanas to naturally progress your body skills and we formulate our coaching language to help you flow into position.  Under the guidance of both an Integrative Yoga Instructor and a Movement Specialist, you’ll develop foundations that empower the safe advancement of your practice.

Integrative Yoga Classes

Our classes provide a favorable environment for practicing yoga in flow. As our Integrative Yoga Instructor guides the group, our Movement Specialist quietly offers personal cues and feedback, helping practitioners improve the quality of their practice.

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Rowing Lessons

There are numerous reasons people discover a deep love for the rowing experience. Finding your balance and rhythm while gliding over the water can feel meditative whether your cruising at 16 strokes per minute or racing at 36. Yet even the best feel like they’ve never quite figured it out completely.

Move your rowing ahead by learning from an expert coach. Whether you row on your own or with a team, our coaches will help you create an efficient, timely and more powerful stroke.

We offer lessons to all levels of development, including first timers. Our coaches will row with or alongside you in either a single, double or quad; depending on skill level, goals and number of participants.

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Team Rowing

If you are preparing for the next competitive season and want to place higher or improve your times significantly, then consider partnering with one of our coaches for a season.

We will work with you to formulate and execute an optimal development and training plan that takes into consideration the specific needs of your team. We work with individual rowers, coaches and whole teams.

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Paddling Tours

On weekends we periodically tour the Bay Area’s waterways on kayaks and paddleboards. Sometimes we add a hike or time to lounge on secluded beaches. Other times we’ll fish for our lunch. Each trip is a day long adventure that ensures you’ll be moving most of the day.

Common Destinations

Tomales Bay

Paddle into the bay and explore the beaches, oyster beds, and shoreline. Drop a crab pot while you’re out and try your luck at catching a Dungeness dinner. Sometimes we camp overnight and paddle in the dark to view the bioluminescent glow emanating from disturbances in the water.


Angel Island

Paddle to Angel Island and hike to the summit or tour the island. Be sure to save enough energy to paddle back! This tour requires a moderate to high level of fitness.



Elkhorn Slough

You are guaranteed to paddle among wildlife, like sea otters, seals and sea birds. Sitting just above the water is a great place to participate in photography and birding. The out and back tour can be as long as 12 miles or as short as you like, we typically cover about five miles. And there are great seafood restaurants to get lunch afterwards.

Monterey Bay

Kayaking on Monterey Bay is guaranteed fun. Teaming with wildlife, the calm water bay is a great place to experience kayaking, even if for the first time. We launch from different points around the peninsula depending on the interests and skill level of our group.



We have equipment for those who do not have their own. Basic gear requirements include the following:

  • Life Jacket (pfd)
  • Water Bottle
  • Hat
  • Dry Sack (5-10 liter)
  • Kayak with seats and paddles


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