Personal Fitness Programs

Our bodies are good at adapting to different situations. Some adaptations lead to pain, discomfort, and even injury, while others can lead to coordination, strength, and endurance. Our programs are tailored to your specific needs to put you in control of your movement, balance, and well-being. Your progress will look like this:

Restore Function – Develop a Foundation – Become Your Personal Best

We support our clients with four coaching formats. After assessing your situation, we recommend a plan of action that includes the select use of our coaching services to integrate with the lifestyle you already enjoy.

Private Coaching (1:1)

You are different than anyone else. You have a unique history that is rich with experience and may include injuries, health issues, and medical treatments. Or maybe you simply know you could be healthier and have better energy or vitality. Or perhaps you’ve got your fitness dialed and you’re striving for the next level. In any case, your situation will be one of a kind! To improve conditions that are unique to you, we recommend personalized, one-on-one attention. Private coaching can help with:

  • Recent Injury
  • Chronic Pain or Limitation
  • Worsening Function
  • Neuro-Muscular Conditions
  • Obesity
  • Lack of Improvement

Movement Academy

Humans all share the same basic design. Our ability to move through our full range of movement must be maintained if we’re to be healthy and independent. It’s the foundation of fitness. We at Integrative Fitness Programs have mapped this movement foundation and organized it into a simple system to be learned. Our movements and exercise progressions will be easily integrated into your life, while empowering your efforts and boosting activities you already enjoy. We guide our clients through this curriculum in semi-private sessions so that each person gets the individual attention they need, while benefiting from participation with others. It is the most efficient way to develop your movement literacy.

Group Cross-Training

Once your body is moving well and you have a good foundation, it’s fun and challenging to build it up. You want a coordinated and resilient body that buffers you from injury. Our group programs improve strength, conditioning, agility, speed, and power. The variety of exercise is interwoven specifically to enhance your ability in recreation, athletics, movement arts, and physical labor. Our training results in real gains where your movement matters. For example:

  • on Trails
  • on Bikes
  • in Boats
  • on Fields
  • on Courts
  • on Slopes
  • in the Water
  • at Work
  • on the Stage

Group Recreation and Team Development

It is so easy to stay engaged when we are part of social groups that share purpose. We coordinate group recreation and we coach competitive teams because this is some folks’ favorite way to engage in fitness. Communities and teams accelerate growth in ways that cannot be achieved individually. Coordinated groups can uniquely challenge and develop abilities that are beneficial to individual health. Integrative Fitness professionals coach adult teams and guide activity groups. We provide opportunities in the following:

  • Rowing
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Camping
  • Backpacking
  • Mountaineering

Our coaching services can be used selectively to transform your health and fitness. Our methodology is meticulously thought out and continuously tested.

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Corporate Fitness Programs

Companies routinely focus on employee wellness as a business strategy to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Employee buy-in makes it more likely you’ll achieve your strategic objectives.

We help individuals do their normal, daily activities in ways that make them healthier, happier, and more productive. With our programs, you’ll find employees increasingly taking ownership of their fitness, wellness, and well-being.

Take sitting, for example. The hidden truth is that sitting is a form of exercise. Over time the body molds itself to the way we hold it, so how we sit and how we function in a chair matters a lot to our health.

There are two ways to sit. Each produces completely different outcomes.

1. Sit Passively. Let gravity mold the body to the surface it’s sitting on and allow dysfunctional motor behaviors to take over. Typical sitting at a computer lets the spine slump, the shoulders hunch over the keyboard, and the neck strain unnaturally to see the computer screen. Passive sitting leads to a progressive cascade of health problems that we like to call “office body.” When discomfort or pain reaches a tipping point, employees might mask the problem with soothing remedies and ergonomic aids, while their productivity sags and health costs increase.

2. Sit Actively. Use the body’s natural strength to sit upright against gravity, thereby activating its various systems throughout the day. When employees use their bodies correctly, they keep their metabolic system active while developing healthy core strength and improving body mechanics.

Three ways we help people switch from passive to active sitting:

1. Identify the habits that get in the way.

2. Transition the person into healthy positions so the difference can be felt.

3. Teach the skills they’ll use to maintain correct body mechanics.

Our coaching practice focuses on what an individual can do today that they previously couldn’t or wouldn’t do. We empower them to own their success.

The Gym Is Inside the Body

When we bring movement and exercise into your company, the physical footprint is small. That’s because we use few exercise aids, like dumbbells, medicine balls, elastic bands, and kettleballs. The bulk of our work is done with body weight, emphasizing control, balance, and accuracy. We utilize a person’s internal biologic systems as much as possible because we understand “the gym is inside the body,” inherent in our natural abilities.

We show how real fitness can be integrated into a person’s routine without turning their lifestyle upside down.

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The Integrative Fitness Method (IFM) empowers your body to change for the better as you go through your normal activities each day.  IFM is a way to access your physical capacity in ways that minimize the effects of our ‘convenience laden’ environment and often sedentary behavior.  It is a systematic process that works on your whole body and mindset.  You can feel energetic, look fabulous and be the person you want to be; and it starts with becoming movement literate.

Movement Literacy and Foundational Movement Skills

Movement Literate means having the ability to use your body the way it is designed to function and to appropriately adapt to the environments you function in.

The IFM provides the map for learning basic movement skills that are foundational to all types of physical activity.  The exercise progressions are specifically designed to move the gym inside the body so that fitness travels with you.

Body Self-Awareness

While we are generally not aware, the body is constantly adapting to the environment in front of us and what we do with it.  It is wired to find an easy way to do things.  It goes along with most of what we subject it to.  However when we fall into bad habits the body doesn’t always realize immediately.  And when we repeat that over and over the body eventually lets us know via pain and performance plateaus.

Practicing the IFM develops an awareness of habit and how the body responds, whether it be toward or away from desired results.

The Integrative Fitness Method

A. Assessment and Recommendations

We assess every one of our clients before providing guidance and coaching because we know that each person experiences their body differently.  It’s not so much what you are doing that is important to us.  Rather we’d like to figure out how and why you move and behave the way you do.  When we figure out the strategies that you use we can evaluate how effective they are at serving your needs and goals.  That way the adjustments we strive for are appropriate and on point.

We recommend a path of action that takes into consideration the many factors that influence your time, energy and other resources.  The question we ask ourselves is, “What opportunities, guidance and efforts would best help you achieve the results you want and need?”  Our recommendations may include utilizing a combination of our integrative programs, efforts at home and work, and/or coordination with other health professionals.

B. Habits, Tools and the Three Body Systems

Over time our bodies compensate or develop habits that exert wear and tear, which limit our ability to do the things we want or need to do, in the way we’d like to do them.

Once you understand how the body compensates and you become adept at using the tools inside of you, you’ll redirect how your body functions and develops. The moving body uses a large network of nerves, muscles, bones and fascia to make just three body systems work cooperatively.  They are the lumbo-pelvic block (core), leg chain and shoulder complex.

The Integrative Fitness Method shows you how to use these three systems correctly.  We’ve created short on-point movement programs that rebuild how you use these systems.   The exercises have been carefully selected, sequenced and coached to make learning accessible to anyone.

C. The Foundational Movement Patterns

A basic level of fitness is critically important to your health.  A healthy person performs normal daily activities without compensating for deficiencies in coordination, endurance, strength and quickness.

The Integrative Fitness Method has mapped an effective human movement learning progression so that anyone can develop a comprehensive movement foundation.  Our learning progressions were created as a lead in to any high level activities you may want to pursue.  As you master these movement skills, your body will develop resilience to injury and compensation.

D. Higher Level Movement Skills

Conditioning for personal fitness is important and it should be done in ways that prepare you for the activities you love.  When you get this right other objectives, like weight loss, building muscle and shaping the body, take care of themselves.

Building on foundational movement skills, you are going to explore a variety of whole body movements.  Adding load, volume and speed will accelerate your conditioning and further cement your good movement habits in place.

You can expect your new levels of physical resilience to express in a variety of characteristics including:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Agility
  • Quickness
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Adaptability

E. Staying Engaged and Active

Getting exercise during recreation and work has innumerably more benefits than trudging away mindlessly on the proverbial “hamster wheel”.  When you exercise you are developing mastery in something.  It is helpful to remember that practice makes permanent; so ask yourself, “what would I like to be good at and enjoy practicing? “

Some people prefer to engage just one area, while others like to mix it up.  In any case it is important the scope of your practice engages your entire body, mind and emotional self.

Another part of mastery is integrating your skills with those of other people to enhance the experience.  You can get together to go hiking, cycling or rowing.  You might play on volleyball, basketball or soccer teams.  Or maybe you prefer the movement arts, like dance, gymnastics or martial arts.  Because you exercise intentional control of your movement and wield a comprehensive foundation you can participate in a variety of enjoyable activities, while getting all the exercise your body needs.

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