Corporate Fitness Programs

Companies routinely focus on employee wellness as a business strategy to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Employee buy-in makes it more likely you’ll achieve your strategic objectives.

We help individuals do their normal, daily activities in ways that make them healthier, happier, and more productive. With our programs, you’ll find employees increasingly taking ownership of their fitness, wellness, and well-being.

Take sitting, for example. The hidden truth is that sitting is a form of exercise. Over time the body molds itself to the way we hold it, so how we sit and how we function in a chair matters a lot to our health.

There are two ways to sit. Each produces completely different outcomes.

1. Sit Passively. Let gravity mold the body to the surface it’s sitting on and allow dysfunctional motor behaviors to take over. Typical sitting at a computer lets the spine slump, the shoulders hunch over the keyboard, and the neck strain unnaturally to see the computer screen. Passive sitting leads to a progressive cascade of health problems that we like to call “office body.” When discomfort or pain reaches a tipping point, employees might mask the problem with soothing remedies and ergonomic aids, while their productivity sags and health costs increase.

2. Sit Actively. Use the body’s natural strength to sit upright against gravity, thereby activating its various systems throughout the day. When employees use their bodies correctly, they keep their metabolic system active while developing healthy core strength and improving body mechanics.

Three ways we help people switch from passive to active sitting:

1. Identify the habits that get in the way.

2. Transition the person into healthy positions so the difference can be felt.

3. Teach the skills they’ll use to maintain correct body mechanics.

Our coaching practice focuses on what an individual can do today that they previously couldn’t or wouldn’t do. We empower them to own their success.

The Gym Is Inside the Body

When we bring movement and exercise into your company, the physical footprint is small. That’s because we use few exercise aids, like dumbbells, medicine balls, elastic bands, and kettleballs. The bulk of our work is done with body weight, emphasizing control, balance, and accuracy. We utilize a person’s internal biologic systems as much as possible because we understand “the gym is inside the body,” inherent in our natural abilities.

We show how real fitness can be integrated into a person’s routine without turning their lifestyle upside down.

To explore how we can enhance your wellness system contact us for a complimentary consultation.