I am going to be rowing the rest of my life

Rowing is a highly technical sport with many challenges that can take a lifetime to develop and perfect. And that is its most appealing feature, because I’ve always loved a challenge! I began rowing after a major change in my life at 74. I’m now 78 and hope to be rowing for the rest of my life. I met Jeremiah as my rowing coach several months ago. A stroke of luck! His coaching has already made me a better rower than I dreamed of being. Jeremiah’s technical expertise on how the body works and how to apply this knowledge to rowing has been paramount to my improvement.

Jeremiah is a master at visualization and providing physical cues, so that all who work with him can row better. As he says, “If you picture it in your head, you will be able to do it.” For me, visualization and body mechanics have made all the difference. As an older rower I no longer have the raw physical prowess of a 20 or 30 year old. So in order to compete and enjoy the sport, I must “row smarter!” Jeremiah has been the prime mover and inspiration for me to learn to row smarter, and to maximize the physical capacities I have at my age. I want to be more efficient and effective in how I row a boat through the water.

All of us in sports look for The Great Coach. For me this means someone who will support, inspire, and challenge me; indeed, Jeremiah does all of that. But what singles him out from others is that Jeremiah meets me “where I am at now.” I have seen how he is able to help everyone in this manner, whether it is a “wanna-be” beginner, a frustrated intermediate trying to correct bad habits, or an advanced athlete tweaking skills for top competition. Finally, Jeremiah has assured me and my teammates that as we grow older, all the skills he is teaching us will help us maintain a better quality of life. I tend to believe that he is right!