Recovering From Injury and Fighting Office Body

After surgery to repair a 90% rotator cuff tear on my right shoulder, I consulted Jeremiah on a rehab and restoration program. I first met Jeremiah in training with the Contra Costa County Search and Rescue team. After spending time with him, I was so impressed with the breadth of his knowledge of the human body, and training and conditioning for sport, I knew he was the guy to help me.

Jeremiah worked with me to rehab my repaired shoulder and strengthen the whole body so I could get back to the activities I love. My recovery and performance has been beyond expectations, thanks to the work with Jeremiah. My right shoulder now feels like it is only 25 years old, as compared to the rest of me aging fast at 52. Having played competitive tennis all my life, I am so happy to report that I am back at full speed with significantly improved play over the last few years due to the repair and recovery. Additionally, my golf game has improved tremendously with the new total body flexibility obtained by working out with Jeremiah. I just shot my first 89 on a difficult course! I continue to race mountain bikes, ride motorcycles, go backpacking, and generally behave like I am still in my twenties, in spite of my old and often injured body. I can attribute much of this to working with Jeremiah and his approach to whole body fitness and his methods for fighting the creeping decay imposed by working in the office on a daily basis. I have termed this “fighting the office body syndrome.”

I seriously recommend Jeremiah for any rehab, recovery, training, or simple workouts to fight office body and aging. I can’t say enough about what a great person he is and what a great program he has developed. Thanks, Jeremiah!