Regaining my Independence and Staying in my Home

A year ago I was in daily pain with a frozen shoulder, and increasingly dependent on others for personal care and home maintenance. I had done a lot to try and get healthy, but it wasn’t working. I was losing hope for anything getting better and resigned to the idea of a rapid decline from this point on; a total reversal of what I have been used to.

Reflecting on how my life was then, I am amazed at how things have turned around. I am in much better shape and headed in the right direction. I don’t have pain. I am able to accomplish daily tasks again. I feel energetic and enjoy the many activities my life offers. I have a new appreciation for how readily my body can respond to corrective movement and conditioning.

Thank you, Jeremiah! Your exceptional insights into how our bodies are meant to work, and how to restore my capabilities despite my age, helped me get better. At 83 years old I am returning my kitchenware to the bottom shelves, where much of it belongs and where I will have to stoop down to get to it many times a day, every day!