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I found the enemy, and it was me!

I’ve returned to walking the golf course after a decade of riding on a cart and limping to my ball. Muddling through life with debilitating knee pain in my 50s was not something I expected following the athleticism of my 20s and 30s. In college, I was a competitive decathlete with an occasional knee twinge that I chalked up to training. At 52, I could barely walk and was searching for an answer about what went wrong.

I went through all the usual treatments and a few unusual ones several times over, but the overall problem steadily got worse. I found myself deprived of golf, walks with the family, and eventually struggling to do anything that involved walking, and sometimes even standing. Then I met Jeremiah. Turns out my nuisance knee was on its way to big trouble long before I recognized the symptoms because the early warning signs had been masked by fitness and youth.

Body awareness was key. Once I learned proper technique and to recognize when I was off, I accepted the challenge to change as a new phase in growing older. The best part — it doesn’t have to be about limitations. Now I can feel when something is not right or starting to go awry, and I can fix it right away, before it becomes problematic.

I don’t have to think about my knees all the time any more because I’ve retrained my body to use them appropriately; they’re part of a larger movement system. In addition to saving my professional life, solving this exercise paradox put me back on the golf course with my friends, enjoying the game with ease.