Vacation saved!

I’d been working with Jeremiah to improve my flexibility, balance, and strength for a year and a half because 40 years of sitting at a desk had not been kind to my body!

A few months before my 65th birthday, I began experiencing pain in my left foot, much like plantar fasciitis. I initially ignored it while the pain grew increasingly more acute, but I finally mentioned the problem to Jeremiah because I was concerned that it would impair my enjoyment of an upcoming vacation in Iceland. He observed me walking for a minute or so, then on the spot made a short exercise program to address the issue. I noticed improvement during the first two weeks.

When my wife and I left for vacation just two weeks later, the problem was 90% resolved. The only equipment required for the exercises was a lacrosse ball, which was easily stuffed into my suitcase so that I could continue the exercises while on vacation. I had a great time walking and hiking in Iceland, with essentially no pain at all. I continue the exercises still, and my foot is dramatically better. I consider the problem pretty much resolved at this time. Thank you, Jeremiah!