1-1 with Clayton Francis (60 Minutes)

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When we hurt or part of us isn't working right it is usually more than one thing causing us trouble.

Clayton will find the right way to untie your ball of knots.

You can expect to feel relief as he gets your body moving with greater ease.

What People Are Saying:

Clayton hands down is the best massage therapist I’ve ever had!! I’ve been getting body work for over 20 years and Clayton is truly second to none. He is knowledgeable, empathic, and truly knows the body. My first visit with him blew me away. I struggled to lift my right arm for a week and he said that I would be able to after our first session. He did not lie! Clayton doesn’t just work out problem areas. He empowers you by giving you invaluable advice and tools by way of therapeutic exercises you can do on your own. He is a TRUE HEALER!

- Armali

Clayton Francis is a great Massage Therapist. But his knowledge of the body extends beyond giving a good massage. I had "hammer toes," which if they got much worse, in a few years, would have required surgery. Clayton gave me some simple exercises to do several times a week. Now, a few months later, my toes are almost back to looking normal!

- Darren

$120 due at appointment